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The Register, Adelaide, Monday 6 July 1925
Mr. Harry Mawbey, who died on Friday morning at a private hospital, would have been aged 80 years had he lived until July 19 (writes The Argus). [b.1845]
Born at Brighton, he was the son of an early settler, who conducted a butchering business in King street, and who laid out the first racecourse in Melbourne, on the side of Batman's Hill.  
Mr Harry Mawbey became associated with racing and hunting at an early age, and became known as a skilful and daring horseman.
Among his contemporaries, both on the flat and in cross-country riding, were Adam Lindsay Gordon, the Powers, Hunters, Filgates, Chirsides, Sir John and Sir Frank Madden, Norman Wilson, A. T. Creswick, and George Watson.
Mr. Mawbey was a successful rider, and one of his successes, of which he often spoke, was a point-to-point steeplechase from a point where Ascot racecourse now is to Maribyrnong, on Canary.
He was also successful over the then very formidable fences at Flemington. Associated with the stock and station business all his life, Mr. Mawbey was for many years connected with the firm of King, Sons and Ballantine, and in late years he was the oldest auctioneer in the Newmarket saleyards.
Mr. Mawbey leaves a wife, two sons, and two daughters.
One of the sons is Mr. John Mawbey, who was a noted amateur cross-country rider a few years ago, and is now in the Indian horse trade.

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Allan, Barker, Brown, Cameron, Campbell, Candy, Darlot, de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck, Edols, Henderson, Jessep, McDonald, Marriner, Maxwell, Milford, Parker, Ritchie, Sabine, Salmon, Smith, Soden, Thomson, Wallace-Dunlop, Ward.


I have recently been contacted by a great granddaughter of Harry Mawbey, a member of the Victorian Mawbeys branch of the family, and a son of its founder, Henry Mawbey.who told me he had won the Master's Cup in Melbourne in 1868.
The horse he was riding was called Canary.
I am very grateful to her for bringing her great grandfather to my attention and for giving me these photos to use on my Mawbey Family Australia family history blog.

The Master's Cup 1868
won by Harry Mawbey on Canary
The Master's Cup
won by Canary ridden by Mr H Mawbey Jnr
Oct 1868

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The Argus, Melbourne, Tuesday 10 September 1895
Warrnambool. Saturday Evening.
A telegram was received here this morning stating that Mr Henry MAWBEY had died at his son's residence in Melbourne.
The deceased gentleman was one of the early colonists, and was associated with Batman and others were among the first arrivals.
He landed in Tasmania when a lad, and eventually found his way to Melbourne in the forties.
At that time he was a good amateur rider, and followed the hounds in Melbourne for many years.  
HENRY MAWBEY married SARAH CANDY in Melbourne on 2 November 1842.
A CANDY family historian has kindly given me their family tree (see HENRY MAWBEY FAMILY TREE in sidebar of this blog).


HENRY MAWBEY was a prominent figure in 19th century Melbourne, and one of the state of Victoria's pioneers.
Apparently arriving in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) as a lad - how or when is not known - he went to the new settlement at Port Phillip on the mainland in 1841.
This settlement had been officially established in April 1836 by Governor Bourke and became Victoria, a separate entity from the colony of New South Wales, in 1851.
A group of businessmen from Tasmania had pushed for this to happen.
The Argus, Melbourne Thursday 29 September 1853
Offences with Horses, Drays &c.
At the Police Court yesterday, the following complaints as to offences with horses, drays &c were disposed of by the Mayor ...
Charles Pugh and William Mawbey were charged with having drays without any name or number on them.
Pugh was fined 20s(?) and Mawbey was discharged.


William Mawbey, 32, arrived as a convict in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1840.
He was an older brother of Henry Mawbey and moved to Melbourne, presumably to be with him, after getting his Certificate of Freedom in NSW in 1846.
William was born to William and Hannah Mawbey (nee Billing[s]) in Surrey, England c.1808.
In1839 (?) he was tried and convicted at Surrey Quarter Sessions for stealing a cloak.
He was sentenced to a term of seven years transportation [the average sentence] and left England on the Woodbridge on 10 October 1839.
He was 5ft 61/4in tall, Protestant and married at the time, and his occupation was that of a butcher (the same as that of his younger brother, Henry, who was already in Australia) .
He had no former convictions.[Source: State Library of Queensland, Convict Transportation Registeries Database]
On 4 May 1846 he was granted a Certificate of Freedom.[Source: NSW State Records Index to Certificates of Freedom]
The only record in the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages indexes that may pertain to him is the birth of a Mary A to William and Ann Mawby (not Mawbey) in 1847.
There is no marriage or death record for him.
As he was already married, his wife may have come to the colony to be with him, but I have not found any proof of this so far.
He probably moved to Melbourne to be with his brother.

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This was the first post I made about the Victorian Mawbeys on 31 January 2010 on my MAWBEY FAMILY AUSTRALIA blog.
I originally intended to do all the Mawbeys in Australia on the one blog, but it became too big and unwieldly so I have created new blogs for each state.
Victoria starts here ...
The state government of Victoria (Vic) does NOT have a free online historical family history search index. They charge 99 cents to view a page of records, and will only accept payment by credit card.
Not having a credit card, all I have been able to ascertain is that under all BDM categories, there are 66 records under MAWBEY and 160 under MAWBY.
My newspaper research has revealed that a very prominent person in early Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria, was HENRY MAWBEY.
He was a horse racing identity and it is probable that a MAWBEY STREET in the suburb of Kensington is named after him.

It is near the Flemington Racecourse where the world famous Melbourne Cup horse race is held on the first Tuesday in November each year.

There was also a large family of MAWBYs at Daylesford in Victoria, a member of which was CHRISTOPHER WOODWARD MAWBY.