My thanks to a member of the CANDY family, unrelated to the Mawbey family, for this HENRY MAWBEY of Victoria family tree compiled on 11 February 2011.
The numbers in front of each name refer to the generation they belong to, i.e. 1st, 2nd, etc.
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1. Henry Mawbey (b.Abt 1813, place unknown;d.7 Sep 1895-Auburn,Vic) [b.England, mother's name Billings; brother of William Mawbey, convict, transported to NSW, mother's name also Billings, possibly a sister]
    sp: Sarah CANDY (c.26 Feb 1825-Frome,Somerset, England; m.2 Nov 1842;
    d.16 May 1888 (#7906)- Hampden,Vic)

   Children of Henry Mawbey I & Sarah CANDY
   1-1. Ann Maria Mawbey (b.22 Nov 1843-Brighton,Vic;b.18 Apr 1916-Norwood Cemetery)
          sp 1: Robert EDOLS (c.18 Jun 1824-St Mary, Bridgwater,Somerset, England; m.28 Nov 1861;
          d.29 Sep 1870-Belfast,Victoria)

              Chilren of Anna Maria Mawbey & Robert Edols   
              1-1-1. Florence Sarah Constance EDOLS (b.Abt 1862;d.26 Jan 1936-'Clio',Roma,Qld)
                         sp: Charles Augustus FLOWER (b.Abt 1856;m.10 Dec 1884;
                         d.26 Jun 1948-Roma,Qld)
                             Children of Florence Edols &Charles Flower
                             1-1-1-1. Mary Myrtle Flower (b.10 Nov 1885-Durham Downs,Qld (#1885/C5747))
                             1-1-1-2 John Tempest Flower (b.3 Oct 1887-Brisbane,Qld (#1887/B39954))
                                         sp: Rita MAIDEN (m.11 Apr 1928)
                             1-1-1-3. Phyllis Edols Flower (b.20 Apr 1889-Durham Downs,Qld; d.
                             1-1-1-4. Meredith Flower (b.20 Mar 1891-Durham Downs,Qld (#1891/C11071);
                                          d.Abt 1903-Queensland (#1903/C3103))
                             1-1-1-5. Marjorie Constance Flower (b.Abt 1894-Queensland (#1894/C10429))

          Edols children (cont.)
          1-1-2. Robert Mawby Edols (b.Abt 1864;d.Abt 1940-Queensland (#1940/B48000))
          1-1-3. John Henry Edols (b.Abt 1865;d.12 Jul 1940-Claremont,WA)
                    sp: Kate Eleanor BLACK (m.15 Dec 1897;d.8 Aug 1948)
          1-1-4. Ernest Melbourne Edols (b.Abt 1869;d.15 Jan 1917-Kalgoorlie,WA)
            Children of Anna Maria EDOLS (nee MAWBEY) & second husband
            Thomas BROWN sp 2: Thomas William BROWN (b. Abt 1874-Port Fairy, Vic;
            m. 19 Feb 1874; d.19 Dec 1925 - Wrotham Hill Park, Wrotham, Kent

            1-1-5. Mary Brown (b.Abt 1874-Warrnambool,Vic (#12289))
            1-1-6. Stewart Brown
            1-1-7. Capt Ulick Candy Brown (b.8 Mar 1882-Queensland (#1882/C4118);
                       d.Dec Q 1963-Marylebone (#50-337))
            1-1-8. Queenie Brown
                       sp: Guy Gordon BROWN (m.Bef 1912)
            1-1-9. Beryl Aileen Brown second daughter (b.26 Jul 1879-Blythdale,Qld;
                       d.31 Mar 1970-Les Murailles,SP,J,Channel Islands)
                      sp: John Taylor MARRINER (b.Mar Q 1875-W,Som (#5c-506);m.10 Dec 1902;
                      d.27 Aug 1944-WM,T,Worcestershire)

                     Children of Beryl BROWN and John MARRINER
                     1-1-9-1. John Stuart Marriner
                     1-1-9-2. Thomas Douglas Taylor Marriner

            Children Anna Maria & Thomas BROWN (cont.)
            1-1-10. Jenna Wingfield (Jennie) Brown (b.Est 1885)
                        sp: Leonard Hawthorn DARLOT (b.18 Sep 1862-Victoria;m.7 Dec 1907;
                        d.3 Aug 1943-Perth,WA)
           1-1-11. Major Thomas Brown MC (b.23 Jun 1886-Leura,Bulimba,Qld;
                        d.12 Dec 1946-Brighton,BN2,Brighton and Hove)
                        sp: Marie-Thérèse de VILLENFAGNE DE VOGELSANCK
                        (b.13 Jan 1890- Liège,4000,L,Belgique; m.25 Jun 1919;d.9 Apr 1920)

               Children of Major Thomas & Marie-Therese BROWN
               1-1-11-1. Baroness Alexandra Marie Ghislaine Fernande de Villenfagne de Vogelsanck                                       Brown (b.Abt 1920)
                                sp: Brigadier Alexander Purdon CAMPBELL (b.11 Oct 1909;m.13 Nov 1939)

                                Children Brigadier Alexander and Baroness Alexandra CAMPBELL
                                1-1-11-1-1. Alastair Campbell (b.8 Feb 1942)
                                1-1-11-1-2. Anthea Ghislaine Campbell (b.29 May 1947)
                                                   sp: Michael John WARD  (m.20 Jul 1968)

   Children of Henry 1 & Sarah Mawbey (cont)
   1-2. Henry Mawbey II (b.19 Jul 1845-Brighton,Vic;d.3 Jul 1925 (#10333))
          sp 1: Ann SMITH (b.Abt 1856; m.1874 (#2733);d.16 May 1881-Ascot Vale,Vic (#4499))

         Children Henry Mawbey II & Ann SMITH
         1-2-1. Male Mawby (b.7 Mar 1875-Hopkins House,Warrnambool,Vic)
         1-2-2. Ellen (Nellie) Mawbey

         Children of Henry Mawbey II and second wife
         [sp: 2 Mary Susannah RADCLIFFE (m.1882 (#2620); d.1939 (#12145)-Flemington,Vic)] ?

         1-2-3. Bertie Mawby (b.May 1883;b.6 Nov 1883 infant 6 months -Melbourne General Cemetery
                   (CoE K621))
         1-2-4. Kate Irene Mawby (b.1889 (#16457)-Seymour,Vic;d.1895 age 6 (#15939))
         1-2-5. Harry Mawby (b.Mar 1891 (#12069)-Essendon,Vic; d.1891 infant (#6001)
        1-2-6. Victoria Mawby (b.Oct 1894 (#30391);b.22 Mar 1895-Melbourne General Cemetery
                   (CoE K622))
Children of Henry Mawbey I c& Sarah CANDY (cont.)
1-3. Sarah Mawbey (b.1847 (#20041)-Brighton,Vic;d.15 Nov 1938-8 Gillman Street,Auburn,Vic)
1-4. Matilda Mawbey (b.Abt 1851;d.20 May 1901-Auburn,Vic (#5897))
1-5. Eliza Mawbey (b.Abt Apr 1852;d.4 Dec 1863-Curzon Street,Melborune,Vic)
1-6. Fanny Mawbey (b.1855 (#2605)-Brighton,Vic;d.19 Oct 1945-Poowong,Vic)
        sp: John Anthony WALLACE-DUNLOP(b.Abt 1846;m.23 Jun 1875;
        d.22 Nov 1919-'Craigie', Poowong,Vic)

       Children of John & Fanny WALLACE-DUNLOP
       1-6-1. Alexander McKenzie Wallace-Dunlop (b.Abt 1879;d.10 May 1943-Poowong,Vic)
       1-6-2. Aleanora Wallace-Dunlop
       1-6-3 Henry Anthony Wallace-Dunlop (b.Abt 1882-Poowong)

Children of Henry Mawbey I & Sarah CANDY (cont.)
1-7. Mary Emma Mawbey (b.1857 (#9021)-Flemington,Vic;d.21 Apr 1927-Mentone,Vic)
        sp: Francis Erskine (Frank) ALLAN (b.2 Dec 1849-Allansford,Victoria; m.10 Jun 1880;
        d.9 Feb 1917-Flinders Lane, Melbourne,Vic)

        Children of Mary Mawbey & Frank ALLAN
        1-7-1. John Mawbey Allan (b.Abt 1881-Warrnambool,Vic;d.Abt 1962-Melbourne,Vic)
                   sp: Claire Blanche BARKER (b.Abt 1892;m.Abt 1916;d.Abt 1958-Bentleigh,Vic)
        1-7-2. Mary Erskine (Mollie) Allan (b.Abt 1883-Warrnambool,Vic;
                   d.6 Jul 1928-Long Path,Mentone,Vic)
                   sp: Durham Ramsay PARKER (b.Abt 1877;m.Abt 1909;d.Abt 1954)
        1-7-3. Frank Harry Allan (b.Abt 1884;d.25 Jul 1940-Beaconsfield Upper,Vic)
                  sp: Annie MILFORD (b.Abt 1887;m.Abt 1911;d.14 Dec 1954-Caulfield,Vic)

                 Children of Frank Harry & Annie ALLAN
                  1-7-3-1. Margaret Allan (b.Abt 1913-Essendon,Vic)
                                sp: Charles Hamilton MCDONALD (m.14 Nov 1936)
                  1-7-3-2. Mary Elaine Milford Allan (b.17 Sep 1915-Moonee Ponds,Vic)
                                sp: John Brendon THOMSON (m.26 Oct 1946)
                   1-7-3-4. Cynthia Anne Milford Allan
                                 sp: John Gower RITCHIE (m.18 Apr 1942)
                   1-7-3-5. Suzanne Frances Allan (b.11 Jan 1927-Glenroy,Vic)
                                 sp: Bertram Roy Quennelle MAXWELL (m.Abt 1951)

         Children of Mary Mawbey & Frank Allan (cont.)
          1-7-4. Kenneth James Allan (b.Abt 1886;d.8 Jul 1909-Alfred Hospital,Melbourne)
          1-7-5. Anne Kathleen Allan (b.Abt 1897-Caulfield,Vic)

Children of Henry Mawbey 1 & Sarah CANDY (cont.)
1-8. Louisa Annie Candy (Annie) Mawbey (b.1859 (#11482)-Melbourne,Vic;
       d.20 Jan 1943-8 Gillman Street, Auburn)
       sp: William Robert CAMERON (b.10 Oct 1856-Portland,Vic;m.1 Jun 1882;
       d.18 Oct 1916-Manly, NSW)
1-9. Victoria Mawbey (b.12 Jun 1861-Flemington,Vic (#11619);
        d.31 Jul 1900-Kew Asylum,Kew,Vic (#9532))
        sp: Herbert Sydenham SABINE (b.Mar Q 1854-L,Lancs (#8e-537);m.1884 (#5753);
        d.15 Jan 1940-35 St Vincent place Albert)

       Children of Victoria Mawbey & Herbert SABINE
       1-9-1. Victoria Enid Sabine
       1-9-2. Roy Thomas Mawbey Sabine (b.Abt 1886-Alexandra,Vic (#15167))
                 sp: Olive Cecil SODEN (m.Abt 1912)
             Children of Roy & Olive SABINE
             1-9-2-1. Cecil Mawbey Sabine (b.Abt 1913-Hawthorn,Vic (#4451))
      Children of Victoria Mawbey & Herbert SABINE (cont.) 
      1-9-3. Vera Constance Sabine (b.Abt 1889-Kerang,Vic (#22989))
                sp: Harry MacKinnon SALMON (b.Abt 1890-Dandenong;m.3 Nov 1915)
Children of Henry Mawbey I & Sarah CANDY (cont.)
1-10. Catherine (Kate) Mawbey (b.1863 (#15504)-Hotham,Vic;
          d.5 Jan 1954-Racecourse Road, Newmarket)
          sp: Arthur MacKinnon SALMON (c.12 Aug 1857-St Cuthbert,Wells,Somerset;
          m.22 Jan 1885; d.24 Apr 1921-Leongatha,Vic)

          Children of Catherine (Kate) Mawbey & Arthur SALMON
          1-10-1. Mabel Victoria Salmon (d.7 Apr 1950-Tinamba,Vic)
                      sp: Arthur James JESSEP (b.29 Jul 1887-Maffra,Vic;m.28 Sep 1925;
                      d.21 Nov 1965-Maffra,Vic)
          1-10-2. Madge Salmon (d.Bef 1950)
          1-10-3. Harry MacKinnon Salmon (b.Abt 1890-Dandenong)
                      sp: Vera Constance SABINE (b.Abt 1889-Kerang,Vic (#22989);m.3 Nov 1915)
          1-10-4. Arthur Mackinnon Salmon
                      sp: Katherine HENDERSON (m.1 Jun 1921)
          1-10-5. Geoffrey MacKinnon Salmon (b.20 Jun 1894-Leongatha,Vic)
          1-10-6. Katie Mackinnon Salmon
                      sp: Clyde Robert Albert JESSEP (b.26 Feb 1894-Maffra,Vic;m.13 Jun 1924)
          1-10-7. Douglas Mackinnon Salmon (b.13 Apr 1901-Leongatha,Vic)
          1-10-8. Sarah (Sally) Salmon